What is a VPN?
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the JTLNET network. A VPN connection prevents others from listening-in on the data that is transferred between your computer and our network.

Why use a VPN?
Prying eyes on the Internet may be viewing your sensitive data. Information such as on-line orders, emails, passwords and financial records can be sniffed by someone outside your organization. IP Packets do not encrypted so, once captured your sensitive information can be viewed with very easily attainable utilities that take minutes to install.

Key Features:
128 Bit Encryption Secure point to point data transmission.

Access Web Applications Securely
When connected via VPN you can access your custom server applications that do not run under SSL via the web without snooping eyes.

Use FTP Securely
When secure FTP is not avaiable you can connect via VPN to prevent unauthorized viewing.

Starting at only $5.99/mo.

If you have already ordered service, or need help setting up your new service, please view these tutorials.
Setting up Windows XP
Setting up Windows 2000

Wireless Access points
You can use the VPN when you connect from wireless networks at home, coffee shops, airports, or conference areas to secure your data transmissions. Without encryption, anyone in your area (up to several hundred feet away) can intercept your data. They can intercept private information, such as user names, passwords, and email messages.

Preserve Anonymity
With the JTLNET VPN service you can mask the ip of your location with a dynamically assigned public ip address. This allows you to surf the web and perform other tasks without providing your actual ip address.

Sending Email Securely
The POP3 and IMAP protocols transfer information in plain text so therefore passwords and and email messages can be easily sniffed by a third party on your network or a third party with access.

ISP Port Blocking
If your isp blocks related to smtp or filesharing you can connect to your vpn and use applications that require these ports without changing your application configuration.

Implement Strict Firewall rules
You can block access to specific services such as ssh pop, imap etc. from the outside world by only allowing access to these services from your Virtual Private Network internal ip space.

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