What Is Urchin?

Urchin 5 is a web analytics software package designed to analyze traffic for one or more websites and provide highly accurate, useful, easy-to-understand reports on-demand. Urchin is available for every JTLnet hosting customer at no additional charge.

Improve Your Site - Increase Revenue

How are visitors getting to your site? How are they using your site? Are visitors converting into customers? Which marketing efforts are paying off? Urchin answers all of these questions and many more with its detailed unique visitor reports. Urchin 5 sets the bar with the most advanced visitor tracking methods in the industry. Urchin's reports allow you to optimize your website and save money by increasing the effectiveness of your marketing dollars. And Urchin 5 is the only analytics product to use Adobe's SVG technology to display stunning charts and graphs that load instantly. Change your report's date range or use Urchin's report side filters to modify the information you are viewing and Urchin's graphics update in a blink - leaving competing products in the dust.

Urchin Saves You Money

Urchin 5 is essential for anyone interested in the design, marketing or overall success of their website and it is the low price leader in quality web analytics. Download a free 15-day demo of Urchin 5 today and see for yourself.

Urchin Is Rated #1

Urchin is often declared superior to the competition, even software and services costing many times as much. Have a look at the latest review - "The clear winner here is Urchin 5" - Search Engine Professionals.

Urchin Is Smarter

Urchin is the most accurate web analytics products on the market. How? By using both log files and cookie information. Urchin captures visitor parameters and true path data via the Urchin Tracking Module (UTM2), a free, client-side data collection component that transparently sends additional data back to the server and into the log file. The UTM2 uses a first-party cookie to overcome the effects of caches, proxies, and IP-recycling to provide the most accurate and complete reporting available from ANY analytics solution.

Log-only systems tell half the story. ASP solutions tell the other half. Only Urchin gives you a complete picture of your websites' usage.

Urchin Grows With Your Needs

Urchin 5 has the ability to add features as you need them. If you want E-commerce reporting, just add the E-commerce Module. Planning on adding search engine keyword buying to your marketing efforts? Start with the Urchin base module and add others as you go.

Some of Urchin's Major Features and Benefits

Business Ready(sm) SVG-Powered Charts and Graphs
Easily copy/paste any Urchin graph into PowerPoint, Word, etc. SVG vector-based graphics are interactive, super-fast to load, and re-render nearly instantly.


Most Accurate
The UTM2® "sees through" proxies and caches to deliver the most accurate visitor and path reporting, new Client Parameters reports, and much more with no security warnings or concerns.

Fastest and Most Efficient
Legendary performance and resource efficiency, automatic backups, fault tolerance/recovery, and more.


User Authentication Built-in
Easily manage user access levels, groups, and affiliations (sub admins). Users cannot see anything about others on the system.


Reports in multiple languages, including double-byte languages.


Wide Platform Support
Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT, Mac OS X, UNIX/Linux, Cobalt, and more versions available.


Built-in Help
Every screen of the Admin and Reporting GUIs includes pertinent help information.


E-commerce Reporting
Analyze your shopping cart usage in conjunction with normal web traffic analysis - discover the true value of search terms and much more (E-commerce reporting is an optional Module).


Easiest to Use
100% browser-based administration and reporting, step-by-step configuration wizards, and more.


Most Scalable
Datacenter and cluster friendly, flexible data storage, battle-tested and hardened.


Location Independent
Manage Urchin and view reports from any web-connected computer (or lock it down completely, your choice).


Built-in Database
All reports generated on-the-fly as-requested - no waiting.


Export Data
Click a button to export any report to Excel, Word, or Tab formats.


Automatic All-Profiles Report
Easily compare traffic between all your sites and assess server load. Further, all individual users get aggregate reports for the Profile they have access to.

The Screen Resolutions Report

With the Urchin Tracking Module, Urchin is able to capture several aspects of the visitor's environment. The corresponding reports are grouped under the Client Parameters section of the Urchin reporting interface. In this example, it's instructive for the web designer of this site to see there are a significant number of visitors with only 800x600 resolution, which is common to 15" monitors.

The Unique Visitors Report

With the Urchin Tracking Module, Urchin became the world's most accurate visitor tracking system. The UTM2 uses a 3-part, first-party cookie to positively identify visitors and track each visit to the site, all without sacrificing privacy or anonymity.

The Visitor Sessions Report

With Urchin's SVG-powered Business Ready Graphics(tm), you can see most charts and graphs in either pie, line, or bar graph-type views, and can easily copy/paste the graphs into common Office applications like Powerpoint and Word.

The Search Engines Report

Like many Urchin reports, the Search Engines Report allows you to drill-down into a particular item and find out more about it. In this case, clicking on the "www.google.com" entry reveals all of the actual search terms used on Google to find this site.


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