SiteDSM is a robust set of website hosting tools packed into a single application that is very easy to use. SiteDSM is a proprietary hosting technology solution developed by JTLnet to serve our customers by providing them with maximum control over their individual websites.

With SiteDSM you can concentrate on the sales and marketing of your services without the headaches and expenses associated with many professional administrative tasks. SiteDSM gives you the freedom and flexibility to manage your website with the easy of a professional website developer without the hassle.

Online Demos
Below you will find online demos of various levels of SiteDSM's interfaces. Please let us know if you have any questions

Server Admin Demo Reseller Demo End User Demo Mail User Demo
Username: admin
password: admin
Username: reseller
password: reseller
Username: enduserc
password: enduser
password: testtest
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For more information about SiteDSM please contact our sales department.

A few of SiteDSM's features include:

Our customers love our SiteDSM website control panel because it puts the power of managing a website into their own hands. SiteDSM is a robust set of Web management tools developed by JTLnet with our hosting customer's needs in mind. SiteDSM is loaded with all of the functionality our customers have suggested over our many years of servicing their needs:

E-Mail Management
Most JTLnet customers require easy e-mail administration. They don't like to constantly petition an e-mail administrator for new addresses or to delete old one. That's why we added the E-Mail Management feature into the SiteDSM tools. This features makes our customers independent and yet the ease-of-use is this feature's best quality. You don't need to be a Web engineer to use E-Mail Management.

Website Statistics
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to determine exactly how many visitors and hits you have on your website for a given day, week, or month? With the Website Statistics feature you can. This feature tells you when visitors are coming to your website, what pages and content they're looking for, and how they got there. Information like this is critical to tracking the effectiveness of an online business. You can also upgrade your webstats to Urchin for an increased level of reporting.

Software Installation
Need PHP, online chat, or forums built into your website? With the Software Installation feature you can add any number of Web applications into your website in just a minute or two. The software installation process has been completely automated and localized to your website. Other great applications that you can quickly install on your website include banner rotation, content management, guestbook, site search, and e-commerce, just to name a few.

Mailing Lists & Newsletters Manage mailing lists and newsletters with just a few mouse clicks. No special programming is needed to publish and automatically send your Web-based newsletters. This feature is ideal for creating interactive online relationships with your customers and promoting your business. Moreover, you can track the effectiveness of you newsletters through the Website Statistics feature as well.

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