The Power of JTLnet

The power of JTLnet is in our technology and expertise in managed hosting solutions. We've been delivering cutting-edge hosting solutions to large and small businesses, as well as personal users, for over a decade now. We offer everything business and personal users would need at an affordable investment. We cover all the bases with our network technology:

Real People Real Support

JTLnet has a 98.7% customer retention rate. 76.3% of customers that leave come back. What brings them back? It's our award-winning service. With a focus on customer service, JTLnet has grown from a handful of clients to literally thousands of satisified customers.

JTLnet is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio USA. Due to tremendous growth we have just finished renovating our new data center to help accomodate our ever-expanding client base. Our new facilities will help us to serve our customers with even greater efficiency. As mentioned in our latest news updates, we now have almost 3,000 square feet of office and data center space to work with. The next time you're in Columbus please come by our offices for a complimentary tour of our data center. You'll be amazed (as we are) how a little technology can transform the world.

Facility/Company Info

JTLNet is NOT a reseller for any other company or entity. JTLNET staff members maintain and operate our facility, software and network 100%. All staff to include Administrative staff are also located within the same building as the equipment, nothing is outsourced.

JTLNet hosts and supports over 600 independent hosting companies and maintains critical systems for various Fortune 500 companies.

JTLNET took advantage of the telecom collapse and was able to secure thousands of square feet of datacenter space as well as network equipment for pennies on the dollar.

This allowed JTLNET to offer you as the client wholesale rates for bandwidth, servers and various other services offered. Rather than purchase tens of thousands of dollars of equipment and infrastructure in hopes of hitting sales projections. We practiced organic growth or more simply we purchased as we needed. Through Financial and Technical independence JTLNet has sustained a 300 percent annual growth rate since 1998 and has grown to be one of the most respected and stable mid sized hosting companies in the industry today.

Climate Control

Located on the roof of the building are the condensers for the two 25 Ton APC Climate control unit's which provide cooling and humidity control for our datacenter facility. Administrative offices and common areas remain on the buildings cooling system to allow the datacenter cooling units to be dedicated to their purpose.

Power Redundancy

We currently have a generator to keep your machines and critical network infrastructure running for 36 hours in case of power outage or flap. In case of Extended (beyond 36 hours) outage we have refills available within a 2 hour window. The generator does a self test once per week and a representative performs a physical check for alarms once per day to ensure maximum reliability. Testing and physical checks are performed twice per week and twice per day during the summer months when electric outages are more prominent.

Physical Security

Axis Network Cameras cover every square foot of our server rooms and administrative offices that broad cast live streams and archive. Key card access is required to enter all outside and internal entrances. This applies to administrative offices and server rooms as well. Administrative offices and server rooms are above ground level (second floor) to restrict ground level access to windows or vents.


JTLnet's network is a completely transit free network meaning that all routes throughout the Internet are seen. JTLNet's core network equipment is located in a carrier neutral facility where many Teir One Internet Service Providers have points of presence. This setup provides JTLNet with the ability to get very competitive pricing on Data service which are passed on to our clients. A few of the carriers that are located within our ajoining facility are; ICG, Time Warner Telecom, Ameritech, Time Warner Cable, Qwest Communications, Cogent Communications and XO Communications. JTLNet's network is powered by Cisco routers running BGP to provide routing and failover. The connectivity is then passed off to a series of layer 3 switches that VLAN the network into segments.

Network Security / Firewalls

Firewalls refer to either software-only or separate software and hardware combination that serves to protect an internal network or a computer from attacks and unauthorized access by sitting between the Internet and the internal network. JTLnet employs some of the strongest firewall technology in the industry for protection.

Basic firewalling is included with all JTLnet products and services. Basic firewalling includes the blocking of the below listed ports. 2002, 1978, 4156, 3127, 135, 139, 445, 135, 445 If you need to connect to your machine on one of the ports listed above you will need to send in a support request ticket at Here and have the filter removed for the specific target.

Managed Firewalls can be purchased starting at $99/mo. Our managed firewalls are acctual hardware based solutions that sit between your machines and the internet. JTLnet managed firewalls will allow you to restrict access to your machines/network and create private networks amongst your machines for added protection. Please submit a support request at Here if you have additional questions or would like to order. Cisco Pix firewalls are available upon request.


All machines located within the JTLNET physical network are monitored 24/7 via icmp and http if enabled. If a machine/node is discovered to be down or has latency problems our technicians are notified via audible and visual alarms. Click here to see are monitoring screen. Once the technician is notified the technician will immediately attempt to determine the cause of the problem. If the machine requires more than a reboot the client is notified first via telephone and then via support request ticket with a description of our findings and several resolution options to choose from.

Other things that are monitored to protect the overall health of the network are BGP sessions with our providers, all dns Servers and latency in the routes to major networks as well as our internal network.

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