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JTLNet's Website Hosting Architecture is world renown for its security, stability and versatility. Using SiteDSM, complete control of your web hosting account is achieved quickly and easily. As with all JTLNet's services you receive access to Real People and Real Support 24 hours per day via telephone or support ticket system. Spam and Antivirus protection are included on all accounts.

RedHat™ Linux Hosting [more info]

RedHat™ Linux is the traditional web hosting platform that powers websites on an extremely reliable and robust platform. Our most affordable and reliable hosting packages are UNIX based, with prices starting at only $7.50 a month! All UNIX accounts contain access to the best control panel, available anywhere. [more info]

Windows Server™ Hosting [more info]

Windows Server™ hosting provides specific options not available on our UNIX hosting platform such as ASP, Access, and Windows SQL Server. Windows Server hosting as opposed to UNIX hosting is only advantageous if you require one or some of the features listed above. [more info]

What's included with all of JTLnet Dedicated Server packages? As most of our customers, you'll be amazed at the value:

  • Telephone Support 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days per year
    You can call the JTLnet support line and get a live knowledgeable person to answer your questions or resolve any problems that you may have.
  • Online Support Ticket System 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days per year
    You can also logon to JTLnet's website at anytime of the day or night and submit a Support Request at Click Here. You'll receive an immediate response and get help within 24 hours.
  • Urchin Web Stats
    Urchin is a web analytics software package designed to analyze traffic for one or more websites and provide highly accurate, useful, easy-to-understand reports on-demand. Please contact our Sales Department for Urchin Availability.
  • Online Control Panel Interface
    JTLnet is a Web pioneer in developing solutions and tools for hosting customers. We developed software which helps our users manage their website through a Web browser. SiteDSM puts the power of website administration at your fingertips and it comes standard with every websiter hosting package.
Our customers love our SiteDSM website control panel because it puts the power of managing a website into their own hands. SiteDSM is a robust set of Web management tools developed by JTLnet with our hosting customer's needs in mind. SiteDSM is loaded with all of the functionality our customers have suggested over our many years of servicing their needs:
E-Mail Management
Most JTLnet customers require easy e-mail administration. They don't like to constantly petition an e-mail administrator for new addresses or to delete old one. That's why we added the E-Mail Management feature into the SiteDSM tools. This features makes our customers independent and yet the ease-of-use is this feature's best quality. You don't need to be a Web engineer to use E-Mail Management.
Website Statistics
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to determine exactly how many visitors and hits you have on your website for a given day, week, or month? With the Website Statistics feature you can. This feature tells you when visitors are coming to your website, what pages and content they're looking for, and how they got there. Information like this is critical to tracking the effectiveness of an online business.
Software Installation
Need PHP, online chat, or forums built into your website? With the Software Installation feature you can add any number of Web applications into your website in just a minute or two. The software installation process has been completely automated and localized to your website. Other great applications that you can quickly install on your website include banner rotation, content management, guestbook, site search, and e-commerce, just to name a few.
Mailing Lists & Newsletters
Manage mailing lists and newsletters with just a few mouse clicks. No special programming is needed to publish and automatically send your Web-based newsletters. This feature is ideal for creating interactive online relationships with your customers and promoting your business. Moreover, you can track the effectiveness of you newsletters through the Website Statistics feature as well.
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