Managed Dedicated Servers (MDS)

JTLnet Managed Dedicated Servers (MDS) are designed to let your company focus on sales and development rather than investing thousands of dollars into network infrastructure and staffing.

Managed Dedicated Servers

All of our solutions include service monitoring, free reboots, 24/7 telephone and ticket system support by experienced staff. Our managed server services are ideal for a small to medium sized company who have grown beyond the bounds of a shared hosting environment and need the reliability and security of their own dedicated server solution.

To assist you in the day to day administration of your dedicated server SiteDSM and Cpanel Online Control Panels are included free with listed servers. SiteDSM and Cpanel are a power set of server software tools you can access to manage your dedicated server from anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection. After logging into, you can add new software, create or delete e-mail accounts, or perform any of a number of administrative functions quickly and easily with SiteDSM.

Dedicated Servers Features

What's included with all of JTLnet Dedicated Server packages? As most of our customers, you'll be amazed at the value:

  • Telephone Support 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days per year
    You can call the JTLnet support line (1-877-765-2300) and get a live knowledgeable person to answer your questions or resolve any problems that you may have.
  • Supported Operating Systems
    We provide support for CentOS, Fedora Core , Redhat Enterprise Products, Windows Server Platforms and FreeBSD systems.
  • Online Support Ticket System 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days per year
    You can also logon to JTLnet's website at anytime of the day or night and submit a Support Request at Here. You'll receive an immediate response and get help within 24 hours.
  • Hardware & Software Updates
    Automatic system software updates. Plus, JTLnet guarentees the replacement of hardware in the event of damage or accident without question or debate.
  • Urchin Web Stats
    Urchin is a web analytics software package designed to analyze traffic for one or more websites and provide highly accurate, useful, easy-to-understand reports on-demand. Please contat for Urchin Availability.
  • First Responder Service
    With the JTLnet first responder service your machines icmp(ping) and http services are monitored 24/7/365. When a problem is found whether it be slow response time or downed service a technician will log into your machine and attempted to restart the troubled/downed service or notify you of the problem.
  • Web Reboot Service
    Using the JTLnet Web Reboot Service you can send your machine for a hard reboot without having to contact our support staff.
  • Month-to-date traffic totals in GB or mbps
  • Real Time Bandwidth Graphs
    You can log into your members area and view real time bandwidth graphs that provide you with comprehensive server wide traffic statistics.
  • Online Control Panel Interface
    JTLnet is a Web pioneer in developing solutions and tools for hosting customers. We developed software which helps our users manage their website through a Web browser. SiteDSM puts the power of website administration at your fingertips and it comes standard with every Dedicated Server or hosting package. We also support other control panels such as Helm or Cpanel.
  • Hardware Replacements
    We provide immediate hardware replacements no questions asked if hardware is suspect
  • Remote Console Access
    JTLnet Remote Console Access will help you to manage your online business from anywhere in the world with just an Internet access account. The Remote Console Access Service gives you console access to your computer over the internet. With this service you are able to perform kernel upgrades and whatch the bootup process as if you were directly connected to the machine with a keyboard and monitor. This service along with our Web Reboot Service provides you with all of the power as if you were sitting in front of the machine. There is an additional fee for this service. Please contact our Sales Department for details.
  • Server Monitoring
    Your server's icmp(ping) and http services are monitored 24/7/365. If your problem is found our First Responder Service is deployed. This service can be upgraded to our advanced monitoring service. Please e-mail our Sales Team for more information.
  • If you're looking for co-location solutions please visit Here for more info about JTLnet's co-location solutions.

Windows VPS Plan modifications

Memory and Disk space allocations for Windows VPS plans have been increased. Existing customers with Windows VPS plans should log in to be sure that your increased disk space and memory allocation has taken affect. Please call 1-877-765-2300 or submit a support request ticket if the upgrades have not taken affect on your account.

Please keep in mind that this upgrade only affects Windows VPS Accounts. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns.

Click here to view the updated plans.

Circuit provider maintenance Notice:

Start time: 12:00am eastern 05/18/10
End time: 6:00am eastern 05/18/10
Expected Outage/Downtime: none

The purpose of this maintenance is mandatory Splice Enclosure Change out.

During this maintenance window, you should NOT experience any interruptions in service while the maintenance activities are completed because independent secondary and ternary provider routes will be in place. If you do have any period of no connectivity please contact our noc at 1-877-765-2300.

Network Maintenance
We will be performing layer 3 switch upgrades within our Columbus Ohio (CMH) datacenter between 3am and 5am EST on Saturday , April 25th 2009. These upgrades will cause brief network outages during the maintenance window for Virtual Lan Interfaces 22 - 35. If you have equipment located within vlans 22 35 you would have already received a telephone call and email message informing you of the maintenance from your designated account representative.

This will only affect Dedicated Server customers located within vlans 22 35. If you have questions please call 877-765-2300 option 5 or send in a support request ticket at

Construction Near Front Entrance
There is currently construction taking place near the front entrance that has completely blocked access. You should park in the rear of the building in the east parking lot. Once you park please call the support line and an engineer will come to the back door to let you in the building. The construction should be finished up by Friday.

Note: Be sure not to park near the loading dock because you will block deliveries.

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During this maintenance window, you should NOT experience any interruptions in service while the maintenance activities are completed because independent secondary and ternary...
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